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Frozen treats
Frozen treats: Bobby Fugatt, a Chattanooga junior, reaches into the new milkshake machine to snag a dessert. UC desserts are popular items.

The UC may be overpriced and unhealthy, but the desserts offered make the money and calories well worth it.
I spent two years living on campus, trying to fight the freshman (and sophomore) 15, but looking back on my time with the $550 meal plan, I wish I had disregarded the health risk and really taken advantage of the delightful sweets offered in the UC.
The best dessert by far is the giant chocolate chip cookies.
For $1.99 you are going to enjoy a cookie the size of your face.
You are going to experience a cookie that somehow combines the delightful rebellion of raw cookie dough with the perfect crispness of a fresh-baked cookie.
They’re not stingy with the chocolate chips either.
In fact, the ratio of cookie to chips is so perfect I found myself begging the cashier at Java City for the recipe. He didn’t know it.
I usually enjoy the chocolate chip cookies or other sweet delights with a Diet Coke.
When I had a meal plan I bought theses in Java City, but now that I’m on my own I dig up loose change for the coke machines by the bathrooms because soft drinks are much cheaper there.
Now the UC is offering a new dessert. I haven’t tried the milk shake machine because it looks so intimidating, but I have heard rumors that these concoctions are the perfect addition to the campus sweets collection.
You can choose your flavor and thickness and enjoy a milk shake right in the UC.
This is genius. Why did they not have this while I lived on campus?
Still, I appreciate the school’s effort to provide students with sweet delights. These offerings provide a great study break and is a huge relief when I am on my period and am unsatisfied with Subway or a healthy wrap.
I love the way Scrappy’s Place and Java City present the desserts.
It’s as though I’m stepping into a gourmet bakery with average desserts that still greatly satisfy my ever-increasing sweet tooth.
Sometimes you just need a salty fried delight finished up with a chocolate, sugary dessert.
It may not keep our student body healthy, but it does keep us happy. So bake on, Scrappy’s place.
Your cookies are a God-send and your milk shakes are a revolution.

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