Universal Joint Bar & Restaurant lacking atmosphere but makes up for it with delicious food and convenient location

By Eleanor Angel, Chattanooga, TN–You may have driven by Universal Joint Bar & Restaurant on your way on or off campus at the beginning of this school year.

Photo by Eleanor Angel Burger n’ Fries: The Blue Cheese  Bacon Burger at the Universal Joint.
Photo by Eleanor Angel
Burger n’ Fries: The Blue Cheese Bacon Burger at the Universal Joint.

The new restaurant opened on Aug. 7 and is located at the corner of Vine Street and Georgia Avenue. The menu I was given had a small list of choices but it was only a temporary menu because they opened recently. Their new menu should be ready in the next one or two weeks.

It took me a while to decide what to order off the menu but when I sensed the place to be a burger joint, I decided to order a burger with fries.

The wait for the food wasn’t terrible, but definitely could have been faster given the fact it was not very busy on a Tuesday afternoon.

But I must say, the wait was well worth it as my burger was delivered with a glorious smell that wafted into my face.

It was delectable and the fries were big and delicious.

Everything on the burger seemed fresh and was presented very nicely.

My only criticism of the burger is that I ordered it to be cooked medium well and it was a little overdone, but will just stick with medium when I go back just so that it’s nice and juicy. But all in all, yum!

Although the food was to die for, the atmosphere was a little lacking.

I realize that this place is extremely new and they haven’t had a ton of time for decorations and such but I won’t lie, I felt a little like I was eating in an old gas station.

Yes, I know that is what the building used to be,  and I like the idea of keeping that rustic feel, but there is a way to go about maintaining the rustic while still making your customers feel clean and sanitary.

One thing they’ve got going for them, when it comes to the atmosphere, is half of the restaurant being outside.

They have corn hole and covered tables that makes it a great summer or spring place to hangout. But, like I said, the indoor portion could use a little work.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Universal Joint to anyone that asked about it.

I got a sneak peak of their future menu, and it looks pretty tasty. I am sure they will be continuously working on that atmosphere.

The best part of Universal joint is that it is just a stones throw away from UTC. That is a big deal for the many of us that do not have cars and live on campus.

Either way, gas is expensive and it’s nice to walk every once in awhile.

The location is 301 E 6th St Chattanooga, TN 37402.

So, next time you’re craving a burger and some good fries, grab some friends and head on over to Universal Joint Bar & Restaurant.

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