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Students can play unlimited games for a discounted price at the Classic Arcade Pinball Museum’s College Night on Thursdays.

The Classic Arcade Pinball Museum is located on 409 Broad St., making it a short drive or bus ride from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus.

 Admission to the museum costs $10 for visitors with student I.D., giving them a $5 discount from the original price. 

Students receive a wristband upon admission that allows them to play unlimited games all day and come and go from the museum with no extra charge.  

“I remember being a college student,” manager Walt Schaffeld said. “You are tight on money. Finding cheap entertainment is tough, so it was my idea to introduce a college night or a student day where we could offer a discount.”

College Night lasts from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. every Thursday, giving students a break after a long week of classes.

Alec Daniels, a sophomore at Chattanooga State Community College, said, “It’s fun to play all of the different games, but also reading the trivia facts about each of them.”

The Classic Arcade Pinball Museum is an interactive museum, meaning it is a museum and arcade all in one. It aims to capture the history and enjoyment of playing retro games.

“You could be 9 years old or 90 years old, something about pinball is very intuitive and approachable,” Schaffeld said. “We are trying to bring it back to younger generations like the college students.”

Upon walking into the museum, visitors feel as if they have teleported back in time when they see the colorful assortment of games lining the walls. Pinball machines like Twilight Zone and The Addams Family are positioned in the front of the store due to their popularity.

As visitors reach the back of the museum, there is a snack bar that includes various chips, candies and beverages that they may purchase between games.

The museum features more than 40 pinball machines and arcade games, most of which are fully operational and available to play.

“The oldest game you can play is from 1972, and the oldest game you can look at is from 1931,” Schaffeld said. “Some of these games are almost 100 years old, so it’s a unique history to check out.”

Attached to each game is a description of the machine that includes the year it was built, the units produced and other information.

Not only does the museum include some of the oldest and most popular games, but it also offers one of the largest games.

The museum’s most prized possession is its Hercules pinball machine. The Hercules game is 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and stands 7 feet tall, making it the largest pinball machine ever produced.

“You can spend a long time here, especially if you are trying to compete for high scores on each game,” said Daniels. “I’d definitely come back to College Night and bring more friends.”

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