By Marielle Echavez, Staff Writer – 

The Blue and Gold Memorial is an event held on campus every year to remember those who were part of the UTC family who have passed away in the previous year. 

This year, the ceremony was held in Patten Chapel on the evening of Tuesday, January 28.

Laura Cagle, director of university events in the Chancellor’s Office, was part of setting up for the ceremony. 

She worked with the Chancellor’s Ambassadors in making sure the event ran smoothly.

“Our Chancellor’s Ambassadors welcome people, handed out candles and programs, and we set up here in the chapel, including the script for the ceremony,” said Cagle.

The names of these students, staff, faculty and alumni are read aloud at the ceremony in their honor. 

The ceremony began with prelude music by Lynn Worcester. 

The Alma Mater was then sung by Chamber Singers under the direction of Kevin Ford. 

Before reading aloud the names, UTC Chancellor Steven Angle spoke in honoring the memories which was then followed by an invocation lead by Jason Leonard of Campus Ministries.

SGA president Stan Settles read the list of the students’ names. Faculty Senate President Jamie Harvey read aloud the names of faculty. Laure Pou, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, read the names of staff. Alumni Board President Richard Johnson read the names of Alumni. 

After the reading of the names, the candle lighting and moment of silence was lead by Jim Hicks, dean of students. 

The Chancellor’s Ambassadors then walked forward with candles as everyone else in the chapels also lit their candles. 

Brittany Johnson, Exercise Science senior, is part of the Chancellor’s Ambassadors and worked the ceremony. 

Johnson said that as an ambassador, they typically work many of the Chancellor’s events, similar to the Blue and Gold Memorial. 

“We walk the flags for all the colleges during graduation, and we also help with things like student advisory board,” said Johnson.

When asked about the ceremony, Johnson said that it is important to remember the people who were once students here or once made an impact on this campus. 

According to Cagle, the Blue and Gold Memorial is always a really special event every year.

 “This is really the only time in our academic year where we really pause to remember the people of the Mocs family who we have lost last year, so this is not necessarily a peppy and spirited event, but it’s a really important on,” said Cagle.  

After the candle lighting and moment of silence, the postlude music was also lead by Lynn Worcester as people exited the Chapel or stayed a few more moments in honor of those who passed away. 

By honoring each person, this day of remembrance symbolizes that they were and will always be a Moc. 

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