By Riley Gentry, Head Staff Writer —

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga recently signed a new agreement with their first out-of-Tennessee college that now makes it easier for incoming transfer students from Dalton State College studying engineering, computer science or mathematics to earn a bachelor’s degree.

The agreement ensures that transferring students are taking the classes necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree once they come to UTC.

Both UTC and Dalton State have similar agreements with other schools, such as Chattanooga State Community College, Motlow State, the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, etc., but the core requirements are different with these two schools.

Dr. Daniel Pack, dean of the college of Engineering and Computer Science, said, “This is something that is good for those students… and we knew that making this mechanism available for them would be helpful.”

This agreement assures students that the classes they take at Dalton State will transfer over to UTC for this specific program.

According to Randall Griffus, head of the engineering and computer science department at Dalton State, there have never been problems in the past with students transferring to UTC. However, now with this agreement they will not have to worry about the possibility of classes not counting toward the program or toward graduation.

“In the past we’ve had a good relationship with UTC and our students have transferred there to complete a bachelor’s degree…and also for graduate studies,” said Griffus. “Now we can say with certainty that our classes will count towards graduation.”

Students at Dalton State studying engineering or computer science can only earn an associate’s degree. Having the opportunity and resources to transfer to UTC and earn a bachelor’s degree opens more doors for students of this program in the workforce.

Pack said that for each course taken by students at Dalton State, UTC has pre-matched courses so that students know their courses will transfer over.

The agreement also helps expedite the transfer process without students losing any time or money.

“A bachelor of science degree will allow [students] to broaden the possibilities that they become an engineer or technologist, who has a broader perspective and broader opportunities to work in different areas of engineering, design, and technology,” said Pack.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or mathematics rather than completing an associate’s degree can broaden the field of work students can join once graduated.

“We’re excited about this opportunity because it provides students an option for their educational path,” said Pack. “In that sense it’s a win-win for students who live in northern Georgia and for UTC to be able to accept, train and educate those students.”


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