By Jason Francis, Staff Writer

Starting in September, UTC will once again join in the celebration of Hispanic heritage and culture with the Hispanic Heritage Month International Festival, sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures and the Center for Global Education. 


The events continue through Oct. 16, so there is still time to experience these events and gain knowledge about the contributions and history of Hispanic Americans.


This past Wednesday, Oct.  2, Brock Hall room 201 was transformed into a Documentary Film Screening Event. 


The documentary being screened was Foreigners in Their own Land, a PBS produced film. 


The film covered the history of British and Spanish colonial systems as Manifest Destiny swept across the U.S. and pushed into the Mexican territories. 


The film covered how these conflicts, including the Mexican American War, shape the culture and identity of the Southwestern U.S. 


After the screening there was an informative question and answer lead by Professor Lynn Purkey, UC foundation professor of Spanish and interim department head of the department of social, cultural and justice Studies. 


“As you could see from the film, the Hispanic Community has been a part of what is now the United States for a very long time,” Purkey said. “With the growth in the Hispanic presence in the US, including the Southeast and Tennessee, it is more important than ever to celebrate the contributions of Hispanic Americans to our society and our diverse heritage as Americans.”


“As a University, celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month sends a message that we welcome and value the unique contributions of Latinos as integral members of our community, she continued. “My hope is ultimately that UTC will become a leader in education for Hispanic students in Tennessee, and that events like this will foster an appreciation of Latino heritage and culture and build a community that is more diverse and inclusive.”


There are three more events scheduled as UTC continues to celebrate and “foster an appreciation” for Hispanic Heritage.


On Oct.  9 at 6 p.m., there will be a screening of the PBS documentary film, Prejudice and Pride, located in Brock Hall room 201. 


There will be light refreshments for film goers, time for questions after, and then at the University Center in the Tennessee Room there will be a “ThinkFast-Trivia” night about Hispanic Heritage. 


The “ThinkFast-Trivia: Hispanic Heritage” event will be held after the film on Oct. 9 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. 


There will also be a 100 dollar giveaway, music and dancing.

Then, on Oct 16 at 6 p.m. in Brock Hall room 201, a screening of the PBS documentary film, Peril and Promise. There will be light refreshments for film goers.

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