UTC faculty and staff recognized for achievements

Compiled by Emily Gurchiek–Deborah Elwell Arfken, director and professor of political science, public administration and nonprofit management—attended the annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities
Andrew Bailey, assistant professor, health and human performance—presentation and general peer reviewer, UTC Honors Program student assistantship, report and presentation to Hamilton County Mayoral Committee, three presentations at regional and international conferences
Sybil Baker, UC foundation associate professor, English—finalist for the Foreword Book of the Year Award 2013, Honorable Mention Eric Hoffer Award 2013, Keynote Speaker, featured writer in the American Writers Festival, Best New Cross Cultural Literary Fiction and Poetry Writer of the Year, awarded MakeWork Grant, Guest Faculty at the Yale Writer’s Conference
Jennifer Boyd, assistant professor, biological and environmental sciences—awarded more than $300,000 from National Science Foundation, awarded contract from S&ME environmental consultants, awarded Beyond the Classroom grant, prepared technical report for the Tennessee Army National Guard
C. Daniel Chase, lead web administrator, strategic systems—presentation at HighEdWeb 2013 annual conference
Michelle D. Deardorff, professor and department head, political science and public administration—presentation at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, recognition from the American Political Science Association and the Pi Sigma Alpha National Honorary for Outstanding Teaching in Political Science
Jennifer T. Ellis, assistant professor, education—presentation at the National Science Teachers Association Regional Conference, received four grants, conducted evaluation research for the Institute on Disability Public Policy at Mahidol University in Thailand
Jeffery Elwell, dean, college of arts and sciences—board member of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans (ICFAD) at the annual meeting in New Orleans, appointed as Chair of the Personnel Committee for ICFAD
M. Dean Hamann, lead banner database administrator, strategic systems—presentation at a peer workshop at the CoHesion conference
Debbie Ingram, UC foundation professor, physical therapy—invited to present at the American Physical Therapy Association National Student Conclave, published article in the PT Journal of Policy and Administration
David Levine, professor, physical therapy—published second edition of Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy, invited as a speaker for the opening events of a rehabilitation center at Kasetsart University in Thailand
Deborah A. McAllister, UC foundation professor, school of education—attended Tennessee Governor Haslam’s Drive to 55 event, participated in the UT Advising Summit, serving as President of Faculty Senate
Jessica Peacock, assistant professor, health and human performance—paper published in Obesity Surgery, named section editor and editorial board member for Journal of Adolescent and Family Health, invited to sit on Advisory Board for the Diabetes Prevention Program
Valerie Rutledge, dean, college of health, education and professional studies—presentation at the recent Coalition of Urban Metropolitan Universities Conference
Tom Rybolt, professor and department head, chemistry—published articles with undergraduate students in Graphene and Open Journal of Physical Chemistry
Joanie Sompayrac, UC foundation professor, accounting—named Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding Professor for 2013-2014
Catherine R. Smith, associate professor, physical therapy—presented paper at the International Conference of Disabled Persons in the Context of Current Special Education and Related Sciences, appointed Senior Lecturer at Anglo-American University in the Czech Republic, presented six workshops and one seminar throughout eastern Europe
Will Stern, instructor, health and human performance—selected as November Member of the Month of the 35,000-member National Strength and Conditioning Association
John Trussel, associate professor, accounting—published an article in Accounting and the Public Interest, published an article in the Journal of Accounting and Finance, published an article in the Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management
Jim Tucker, Mckee Chair of Excellence, college of health, education, and professional studies—appointed to the Education Committee of WTCI-PBS, attended in Chattanooga Impact’s Second Leadership Seminar, attended as a board member the annual meeting of the Board of Directors of the international Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, three presentations in the United States, two published articles in Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry
Marilyn Willis, associate professor, accounting—selected as Life Member Achievement Recognition for Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants, elected vice president of Chattanooga Chapter of Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance
Information was used from UTC’s blog. A more detailed list can be found there.

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