By Marielle Echavez, Staff Writer—

On Oct. 8, UTC hosted a book launch for professor J. Kasper Kramer’s debut novel, “The Story that Cannot be Told.”

J. Kasper Kramer, also known as Jessica Miller or Jessica Kramer, is both an alumni and adjunct professor for English Composition at UTC.

Kramer wrote this book while she was getting her master’s degree. In fact, the novel was used for her master’s thesis. 

According to creative writing professor Dr. Sarah Einstein, who helped host the book launch, before Kramer graduated she had found an agent and was being represented.

“She was able to sell it to a publisher, and now it has gone from thesis to published novel today,” Einstein said. 

During the book launch, Kramer introduced herself and her story of how she got to this point in her life. She answered people’s questions about the details of her book, about the process of writing a book and other life questions or advice. 

Kramer read a few chapters and went into detail about specifics that were written, and even held a book signing at the end of the event where people could purchase her book and get her signature.

Many friends, family, and students supported her in honor of her first book launch, and nearly all of the books were sold at the event. 

“I think I wanted to write before I could read,” Kramer said when discussing her aspirations as a child. 

When her kindergarten teacher asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response was “I want to be a writer and a kindergarten teacher,” Kramer said.  

For a period of time, Kramer taught internationally at a kindergarten class in Japan, before the writing and publication of her first book. 

Kramer was proud to say that she has now accomplished two goals of her younger self. 

Einstein was especially proud of Kramer, and said that this event proves that students can be writers. Many students who study writing get told by others that writing is not a real thing, but this book launch is evidence that it is most certainly a real thing, Einstein said. 

“She’s not the first student we have had publish on a national level, and she won’t be the last,” Einstein said. “She’s just the one we are most proud of today.”

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