UTC Library Hosts Workshop on How to Create Snapchat Filters

By Marielle Echavez, Staff Writer—

The UTC Library offered their first free workshop on how to create Snapchat filters on Tuesday, Feb. 19.

In this workshop, students learned about the various types of Snapchat filters, how to use Adobe Illustrator when making a customized design, tips on getting a design accepted by Snapchat and how to submit the finalized Snapchat filter.

Courtney Alley, masters student in environmental science from Greenville, Tennessee, learned of this workshop when working in the library studio on other projects. Alley plans to use this workshop to create a Snapchat filter for an event she’s participating in late April.

According to Alley, “My graduate assistant is helping coordinate an event called the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage, which is an event held by expert field biologists in the Great Smoky Mountains.”

UTC library studio night specialist Cassidy Campbell both created and taught this workshop. Campbell created the workshop to show that all students, no matter what major, are welcome to use the resources found in the library studio.

“I wanted to see the usage of social media to show studio resources to campus because I feel like there are a lot more ways that we can reach out,” Campbell said. “And this was one of the most tangible ways to get students involved in a fun way.”

Adobe Illustrator was the main program used in this workshop and can be found in the library studio. Library studio workers are able to help students if they want to create a Snapchat filter for moments, events or locations.

“It was very cool. I didn’t think I would get to learn Adobe Illustrator which was different, but I liked it,” Alley said after the event.

She plans to use Adobe Illustrator to create designs such as flowers for the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage.

When hearing the words “library workshop,” most students don’t usually think that these classes would be fun, but according to Campbell, “The studio has a lot of really fun ones that are media and equipment based, and I think they’re definitely worth coming to.”

When encouraging all students to attend, Campbell said that many of the skills gained from these workshops are applicable in several jobs.

“I think that skills like graphic design skills along with basic video and photography skills are super marketable in any job you’re applying to,” she said.

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