By Briana Brady, Opinion Editor–

Voting registration efforts, polling location information, absentee ballot information, access to objective information about candidates, and local candidate presence on campus—just to name a few—are all aspects of civic democratic engagement that are less visible on UTC’s campus than many other college campuses throughout the country. In my opinion, efforts to increase the number or registered voters, the availability of information about the when/where/how of voting, etc. should all be readily available and institutionalized by the school so that students have the information they need to be as civically engaged as possible.

Currently, students don’t really have a hub that they can go to for all things voter info. They might not necessarily know that the campus is divided into two congressional districts, or that they have to go home if they are registered to vote outside of the area in which they go to school. Moc the Vote fades in and out, the Office of Civic Engagement exists, but there’s not an apparent institutionalized system of continual civic engagement efforts on campus. UTC can do so much more to increase voter registration and voter turnout during all elections—local, state, and federal. I encourage everyone to make it known to UTC officials as well as SGA that students need more information about voting and more excitement to be cultivated on campus about democratic involvement so that we can vote for representatives that best serve us and our collective interests.

Stay tuned next week for my endorsement for the Super Tuesday primary and a print issue focused on all things politics!

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