By Yasmin Rubayo, Staff Writer –

The UTC Physical Therapy Department is offering students and faculty free physical therapy sessions.

These sessions began Jan. 7 and will continue until April 16. 

Doctor of Physical Therapy students provide these services on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Thursdays from 1 to 5 p.m. 

The sessions are for the benefit of students and faculty who may be unsure how to manage pain and the students of the program who are set up to be successful in their field.

Physical Therapy students are required to work the clinic under faculty supervision.

The program began in August 2015 when Assistant Professor Betsy Myers saw a need for her students to get experience as well as gain hours in a controlled environment.

Clinic satisfaction surveys give real feedback to students.

  Community partners, including the Ironman Foundation, helped the clinic continue to give treatment by donating supplies such as medical bands.

The clinic’s students take part in manning the Ironman medical tent during the full marathon. 

Myers is in the midst of researching how much of an impact the program has had on graduating students and the members of the UTC community who they have helped. 

The physical therapy clinic takes care of approximately 90 patients each semester, saving a total of $18,000 in therapy costs.

The total number of students and faculty helped reached over 600 as of last year.

  “We’re walking a fine line between teaching and taking away business from physical therapy places in the same area,” Myers said. 

This makes the physical therapy sessions limited to those who need it for more minor afflictions, pulling away from dealing with those with more chronic conditions that should be addressed by professionals in the community.

Faculty members have more control in this environment, and they know their students and can address any areas where they need to work harder.

Myers reminds students that learning does not end at graduation, she said. 

Adding education to the knowledge gained while in school is synonymous with remaining competitive and relevant in one’s field, she said.  

To take advantage of this health resource, students and faculty should call (423) 425-4747 to schedule an appointment.

If feeling pain or concerned about a possible sprain, make an appointment

Physical therapy can be used for general wellness as well, and insurance is not needed.

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