By Alina Hunter-Grah, Chattanooga, Tenn. —The Honors College announced that it has awarded funding to 17 faculty members for student research fellowships.

The fellowships, like last year, will be open to all undergraduate students instead of only allowing students from the Brock Scholars program to participate. Students participating will be paid for up to 100 hours of research.

“Research allows students to work one on one with an expert in their field, but it also allows them to take that learning and they’re getting in the classroom and apply it to a real world problem or scenario that they’re working on with this faculty member,” said Dr. Salvatore Musumeci, the director of the office of undergraduate research and creative activity.

Students can apply for the fellowships through Scholarbridge, a website new to UTC this year, dedicated to linking students with professors who are interested in similar fields. The usage of Scholarbridge along with the opening up of research to all undergraduate students allows professors a wider range of students to choose from.

Topics to be researched come from a wide variety of disciplines. These include animal assisted therapy conducted by Dr. David Levine, a professor from the physical therapy department; tourist impact on Chattanooga by Dr. Drew Bailey from sports and leisure services; and the aspects of the child welfare system by Dr. Morgan Cooley from social work.

For more information, students can visit the office of undergraduate research and creative activity’s website at