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Staying safe and informed is a key aspect to life on campus, and UTC provides several tools for students to stay safe in the event of an emergency.

One cost-free tool provided to students is UTC Alert. According to UTC’s website, the UTC Alert emergency communication system aims to provide communication to students quickly through text, email, PDA or pager during emergency situations. Emergency situations include: severe weather, gas leaks, fires, major evacuations, active shooters and dangerous criminals on or near campus.

To sign up, students can visit and follow the instructions on the page. Students also need their mobile phone and UTC email address during the sign up process.

The messages are brief and contain only vital information. More information about emergency events will be made available on UTC’s homepage, broadcast emails and announcements to local media in the event of an emergency.

Jordyn Norris, a junior from Chattanooga, said UTC Alert makes her feel safer on campus.

“I feel safer when I know what’s happening on campus,” said Norris. “If there was an active shooter on campus, I would know within minutes because the alerts go directly to my phone, and I always have it with me.”

Along with UTC Alert, there are several numbers students can call in the event of an emergency.

Suspicious or criminal activity can be reported at UTC extension 4357 or HELP. The number for campus police is (423) 425-4357, and these can be used on or away from campus. Dialing 911 through a campus telephone will automatically connect to campus police; dialing from any other phone will connect to the Chattanooga City 911 system.

Charlie Driver, a sophomore from Chattanooga, believes every student living on or off campus should have access to emergency numbers.

“I have the number for campus police saved in my phone, so if anything happens to me or anyone else, I know I can get on my phone and get help immediately,” said Driver.

For more information on UTC alert, visit For more information on emergency numbers or campus police, visit


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