By Seth Carpenter, Staff Writer —

Two of UTC’s own have been recognized with awards from a prestigious women’s charity, the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Established in 1881, AAUW aims to promote gender equity for girls and women in education and beyond.

In the 2019-2020 academic year alone, the AAUW has provided over four million dollars to recipients for various pursuits including both educational and professional betterment.

One of the recipients, Konya Smith, received a career development grant. The other scholar, Dr. Fang Yu Hu, received the American Fellowship.

“I was very honored and excited to receive this prestigious award” said Hu. “I actually couldn’t believe it.”

This award was particularly important for Hu, who is working on the manuscript for her book under the current title of “Good Wife, Wise Mother; Educating Taiwanese Girls Under Japanese Colonial Rule From 1895-1945.”

The fellowship provided a grant for her to work on the book full-time for eight weeks from July 1 to Aug. 25.

“It basically provided a summer salary,” said Hu. “The AAUW grant has made it so that I didn’t have to worry about ‘Do I need to teach in the summer?’ to make sure that I could engage in the writing process full-time instead of teaching, or doing a side job, or doing something else for the University.”

According to Hu, the grant also allowed her to hire a research assistant to help her with various aspects of the book such as indexing and making sure the bibliography and footnotes match up among other things.

Naturally, the award was very much welcomed by Hu, who had also applied for another fellowship in the past while she worked on her dissertation in graduate school.

 “It means a lot to me to receive acknowledgement and recognition of my research interests, that somebody thought my research is relevant to the world today,” said Hu.

Hu also finds a great deal of solidarity and likeness with the AAUW and its goals.

“Their mission statement really overlaps with my personal and professional goals as well” said Hu.

As evidenced in the working title of her book, Hu sees the importance of equity and finds there is a lot to look at regarding her book’s focus on the Japanese Empire.

“I’m really interested in equity, inequality, discrimination, issues along that and in particular gender so when we talk about, historically, discrimination against girls and women,” Hu said.


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