UTC Surplus holds auction

The UTC surplus warehouse on February 26, 2018 (Photo by Matthew Lawrence).

By Luke Roberts, Staff Writer –

An upcoming auction will be held on March 13 at the UTC Surplus room in the Administrative Services Building, located at 400 Palmetto St.

Any member of the public or of the university community may attend, but they must register and be assigned a bidder number to actually participate in the auction. The proceeds will go to offset Surplus related expenditures — including operating expenses.

Melissa Hays, director of procurement & contracts, ensures all fiscal policy requirements are met by obtaining UT System approval to conduct the auction, submitted the required legal notices with the county court clerk’s office and prepared the final auction report for the university.

Hays defined surplus property as any property such as movable equipment or supplies that a university department determines to be obsolete or unusable, and for which future needs do not justify the cost of maintenance and/or storage.  

“The Surplus team is also responsible for ensuring that all computers, hard drives or other equipment that may store university data have been sanitized and that the data is unreadable before such equipment is disposed of or sold at the auction,” Hays said.

She said that UTC’s Procurement & Contract Services periodically conducts public auctions of surplus university property in accordance with the university fiscal policy.

“Our mission is to redistribute, repurpose or recycle as much as possible back to our campus departments and other UT campuses,” she said. “What is not redistributed, repurposed or recycled is made available to the public via auction.”

Hays said that auctions typically take place two times per year, often during the Fall and Spring breaks to accommodate parking needs for the hundreds of bidders in attendance.  

“On occasion, a third auction might occur if a large influx of surplus property arrives between auctions,” she said.

Students on campus have different opinions on where the funds from the auction should go. Landon Courtney, a sophomore from Monteagle thinks the auction profits should go towards student activities. However, Dakota Jackson, a freshman from Maryville thought the auction profits should go toward IT development.

“It’d be nice to kinda go towards technology, you know just any kind of IT development or something like that,” Jackson said.

Hays noted the multiple ways that the auction benefits the University.   

“The auction benefits the University by moving equipment and furniture from the campus to make room for new purchases, while simultaneously giving back to our local community and benefitting small businesses and individuals buying at the auction,” she said.

Kirsten Raper

Kirsten Raper

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