UTC’s club tennis team headed to Tennis on Campus National Championship tournament

By Jason McDaniel, Assistant Sports Editor

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga club tennis team was quite remarkable this season, but the rest of their season hangs in the balance with the tournament they have ahead of them.

The Tennis on Campus National Championship will be held in Orlando, FL on April 12-14 2018. This is not UTC’s first time in the tournament, but it is remarkable that the Mocs were one of 64 teams selected out of 700 programs to compete in the tournament.

“This is a huge step not just for club tennis but for club sports at UTC as a whole,” says Nathan Brown, captain of the men’s team.

The Tennis on Campus National Championship is a competition consisting of 64 teams, split up into 16 pools of four to start the tournament. UTC’s starting pool included the Mocs, the University of Michigan Wolverines, the University of Washington in St. Louis and the Villanova Wildcats. Michigan is currently the defending champions.

“With club tennis and Tennis on Campus’ 18th event, we offer a great opportunity to play past high school. Once you’re in college there’s a lot less chance to play. We like to give them the opportunity and support club tennis and give these players an avenue to compete in,” said Newlyn Wing, the Manager of Tennis on Campus.

The Mocs went 22-10 in their regular season matchups, which was determined to be a good enough record to see them into the tournament. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how far they will make it.

The tournament will be livestreamed and can be found at www.ustanationalcampus.com. Other information on broadcasting can be found on USTA’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Jason McDaniel

Jason McDaniel

Assistant Sports Editor

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