UTK students become ‘butt’ of the joke after incident

By Sean Jones, Chattanooga, TN–Alright UTC, I am about to write about something that I never, ever dreamed I would be discussing, much less in a school newspaper about a real incident that actually happened.

On Monday September 24, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported that members of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity had engaged in an activity that is most kindly worded as an “alcohol-enema”, sending one student to the hospital with a blood-alcohol content of more than .40.

When I first saw this, I honestly did a double take. There are so many things that I was uncomofortable with and quite frankly thought were ridiculous, the most of which was reading the words ‘butt-chugging’ in a professional publication.

Butt-chugging? For those of you not understanding what is taking place here, these gentlemen insterted a tube into their rectums and poured boxed wine into the unoccupied end of said tube, because apparently somebody told them that you get drunk faster this way.

I do not necessarily know if it is true that alcohol in your anus gets you drunk quicker, but how desperate can you be to need to get drunk that fast? Who is in that big of a hurry?
Apparently these guys were in that big of a hurry, and now they’re the butt of the joke. Pun totally intended there.

I am not even sure how this idea came up at the Pike house to begin with. Let me tell you something. If any of my friends say to me “Sean, let’s butt-chug Franzia tonight! It’ll be awesome,” I am no longer friends with whomever came up with that idea or anyone who cheered in agreement with that person’s idea. Thats just not cool, bro.

And I know that somebody is going to send me a letter saying that I am attacking Greeks and fraternities, maybe even Pike in general, but that is definitely not what I am getting at.

I have friends that are Pike at UTC. I have friends that are in other fraternities here and at UT. This is not about affiliation of any sort. It is about the people involved. I have no problem with any fraternity or sorrority or anyone who is in one.

I have a problem with the fact that people are butt-chugging. Regardless of the Greek affiliation of theses guys, they are idiots in my humble opinion.

The fact that this is even news is incredible. CNN was in Knoxville to follow up on this story. Yes, CNN took the time to come cover a butt-chugging incident.

Isn’t there an election or something going on right now?

Some poor freshman somewhere got a call from his mom who had a “don’t butt-chug” conversation after hearing about this incident in the news.. This is a real thing and to make this thing worse, it is happening approximately 110 miles from here.

My fellow Mocs, I hope from the ‘bottom’ of my heart that I do not have to tell you that butt-chugging is a terrible idea. If you must party, please do so responsibly.

Anyone who argues that butt-chugging is responsible is not telling you the truth, and you should probably reevaluate the friendship that you share.

To close, I will say that I hope that this is the last time the phrase butt-chug is ever used in this paper.

‘Butt’ seriously guys, if you have to get your alcohol fix, do it orally and legally.

At the end of the day you represent something, and you never want to represent butt-chugging. That would stink.

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