Waka takes over Track 29

Grace Stafford, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Dropping some mad beats along the way, Waka Flocka Flame takes over Track 29 on Sept. 14.

Born Juaquin James Maphurs, the Atlanta-based rapper rose to fame with the 2009 single “O Let’s Do It” and his debut album, “Flockaveli,” dropped the following year.

Maphurs got his iconic name from the suggestion of his young cousin after the Muppets character, Fozzie Bear, and his catchphrase, “Waka Waka.” His mentor and fellow rapper, Gucci Mane, gave him the name “Flocka Flame.”

While it may have seemed like Waka has fallen off the map, he released several new mixtapes over the past years. The most recent being The Turn Up Godz Tour featuring appearances from Future, Gucci Mane and other well-known rappers.

Waka Flocka Flame remains most famous for the trap music style featured on his early albums, but he has recently experimented with new sounds.

The rise in popularity of electronic music has inspired Waka, which is clearly evident in his more recent concerts, including his “Turn Up Godz Tour.” He often overlays his vocals over electronic beats creating a unique sound that shows his diversity as an artist.

His most recent album is “Flockaveli II,” and as the title suggests, emphasizes his loyalty to the original sound of trap music on his debut album.

Recently, Waka Flocka Flame has performed on several college campuses for welcome week events.

Prior to the show at Track 29, Waka will have performed at Breakaway Music Festival.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased online before Sept. 14 for $20 or at the door for $25. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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