Watermelon: Fruit or vegetable?

By Kirsten Raper, Assistant News Editor–

Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits of the summer, but did you know some people also considered it to be a vegetable?

If you’re like me, you assume watermelon to be a fruit because of its sweet flavor and because other melons like honeydew and cantaloupe are in fact fruits.

However, the people of Oklahoma would disagree because in 2007, they declared watermelon to be the official state vegetable. Their state fruit, on the other hand, is the strawberry.

Over in China, some people classify watermelon rinds as a vegetable and even use them in stir-fry, for stew, or for pickling.

To make the case for watermelon being a vegetable even stronger, it belongs to the gourd family along with vegetables like cucumbers and squash.

Some people may try to make the argument that because watermelon has seeds, then it must be a fruit, but seeds do not differentiate fruits and vegetables. Just look at green beans, bell peppers, and cucumbers. They are all vegetables that have seeds.

Nevertheless, calling watermelon a fruit or vegetable won’t change the fact that it is one of the most delicious summertime treats.

Ashley Day

Ashley Day


Ashley is a communication major with a minor in psychology. She spends most of her spare time hiking, eating sushi or taking photos. To contact Ashley, email her at jks461@mocs.utc.edu.

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