West Village offers free weekend entertainment in February

Partygoers throw balloons into the air during the Children’s laser light show during the Winter in West Village event on February 3, 2018 (Photo by Troy Stolt).

By Ryan Jordan, Staff Writer —

Winter in West Village, a free event that features various food trucks, local live bands and a laser light show, will recur every Saturday until Feb. 24.

Jay Raynor of West Village Planning knows that college students usually have a weekend entertainment routine, but he does not think Winter in West Village tries to compete with it.

“The weekly events are from 6-8ish,” Raynor said. “Students could kick off their Saturday night with Winter in West Village and still be able to go out afterwards; the great part about our event is that it can merge with existing plans like going out to a club, movie or sporting event.”

Raynor is also aware that some college students have very specific diets.

“We have various food truck options, including vegan options like Green Tambourine and Cashew,” Raynor said. “We are always looking to expand our food truck options, so they will continue to grow and change.”

Autumn Cordell dances during Winter in West Village’s laser light show on February 3, 2018 (Photo by Troy Stolt).

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Winter in West Village is the live music accompanied by a laser light show. Raynor explained that a different local band is chosen for each weekend and the laser light show is tailored to fit a specific theme.

“For example, the theme this week is Pink Floyd,” Raynor said. “The band playing is able to play a few Pink Floyd covers…although we have different types of music, the most popular songs with the crowds have been covers.”

Raynor thinks the laser light show is what really sets Winter in West Village apart from other entertainment venues in the city.

“West Village provides an event that is different from anything else in the city,” Raynor said. “Our laser light shows are specifically made for us by Lightwave International; they have created laser shows for Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z, Rihanna, Madonna and Imagine Dragons, to name a few.”

For those who are at least 21, there are also bars and a beer wagon at the event.

Although a lot of UTC students have not heard of the event, many would gladly attend. Sophomore Sarah Headrick from Maryville summed up the overall response nicely when she said “I have never heard of that, but yeah, I would totally go!”

West Village is located on Chestnut Street and Pine Street between Martin Luther King Boulevard and 7th Street. Winter in West Village is held every Saturday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. until Feb. 24. For more information, the website is https://www.facebook.com/westvillageCHA/.

Chelsea Bailey

Chelsea Bailey

Assistant Features Editor

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