What I Listen To: Tha Carter V

By Jason McDaniel, Assistant Sports Editor—

Until September, we hadn’t seen a “Carter” album since Tha Carter IV, which debuted in 2011.

In September, that changed. Lil Wayne, on his birthday, finally managed to release the tape that everyone had been waiting for since 2014. I have been a fan for a while, so on a recent road trip I decided to give the whole tape a listen.

Standing at 23 songs, one hour and 28 minutes, the album is largely a success. Riddled with novelty features such as Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar, Wayne brings a new style of production to the tape, while still being able to show off his infamous talent from the first lighter flick.

The first track on the album is a recording of his mother telling him how proud and appreciative of him she is, which I think was a really meaningful addition to the album as a whole. It talked about the major delay of the tape, but it also reflected her optimism and belief she has in her son.

Two of the most popular songs from the album, Let it Fly and Mona Lisa, both feature some extremely fast lyricism and catchy rhythms. Mona Lisa was definitely the more popular of the songs, but I have been enjoying Let if Fly since it dropped. Weezy drops a crazy line after Travis’ part. Mona Lisa is a standout for stardom and also for storytelling. I won’t go too far into detail here, but Lil Wayne tells a story, fictional or not, is entertaining.

Overall the whole album is lengthy, but each song manages to hold its own. I strongly suggest hip hop fans from all over to give it a listen, especially those who have been waiting since 2014 like me.

Kyle Gentner

Kyle Gentner

Opinion Editor

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