What the LARP?

By Haley Walker, Staff Writer —

Felipe Argueta (Right), also known as “Captain Duddles,” battles UTC freshman Dylon Smith (Left) in Live Action Role Playing game known as Larping on February 4, 2018. (File Photo by Jackson Hollis)

LARPing, or Live Action Role-Playing, is role-playing game where participants dress up as characters that they created and they perform physical actions such as engaging in sword fights with each other.


“It’s basically if you ever played something like Dungeons and Dragons, or Skyrim, or anything like that, except we are our characters, we are living their lives, and we have real fake swords, and we go out and we play,” Elizabeth Ducanson, or Sethrial MacCoil as she is known in the LARPing community, said.


She added, “Our group is not a very role-play heavy group. We do a little bit of it, but most of our role-play is as a game mechanic, not as us wanting to be those characters.”


The group that Ducanson is involved with meets on Wednesdays at 2:00 at Chamberlain Field and on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. at Heritage Park.


When asked why she participates in LARPing, Ducanson said, “My real life is not going fantastically, partially because of my own mistakes, and LARPing gives me a measure of control over my life and gives me a chance to be better than myself. It gives me a chance to be someone who knows what she’s supposed to do with her life, who has solid goals, and knows how to achieve them, instead of a perpetual college student who doesn’t know if the finish line is coming.”


If any students at UTC wish to participate in LARPing, all they have to do is go to the field where a LARPing group is playing and tell them you are interested in playing with them.


“Honestly, we’re going to ask you to join whether you’re interested in it or not, so, may as well,” Ducanson said.

Logan Garrett

Logan Garrett


Logan Garrett hails from Vonore, Tennessee and was named Editor-In-Chief of the University Echo in May 2018. He is a communication major with a psychology and Spanish double minor. Logan is also an associate editor for UReCA, an undergraduate research publication journal. You can reach him at Logan-Garrett@mocs.utc.edu or on twitter @LoganGarrett__.

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