By Brianna Williams—News Editor

Chattanooga vegans are pretty lucky, as there has been quite a few exciting things popping up in the local vegan community. From new vegan restaurants to vegan menu items in beloved restaurants around town, there is much to be excited about. 


New Restaurant: Arguably, the most exciting new happening is Chattanooga’s first completely vegan deli popping up on Willow St. The restaurant is owned and operated by “your local seitanist,” in reference to the meat substitute, seitan, used in many of their menu items. Willow St. Deli’s soft opening occurred on Nov. 23, and it has plenty of options to beat even the best non-vegan delis. Not only do they have items for an in-restaurant experience, but they also offer vegan meats and cheeses to take home and use in whatever meals you want. From incredible enticing desserts to dishes like a vegan cubano, it’s a place you should definitely try.


New Vegan Menu: Some restaurants in the area have also introduced a new vegan menu, like Poblanos. They’re introducing their all-vegan menu (with gluten free options, too!) that includes vegan chicken tacos. While they may cost you a few extra dollars now, rumor has it that the vegan chicken tacos will soon be a part of Poblanos’ one-dollar taco night on Thursdays.


Updated Vegan Menu: While the Daily Ration and newly reopened Syrup & Eggs have offered vegan options in the past, they now have some updated menu options for plant-based eaters. Get the beloved vegan pancakes at Syrup and Eggs, or try the new vegan lentil burger they’re rolling out. At Daily Ration, they’ve recently upped their game with new dishes including chipotle lettuce cups, a southwest bowl, and a Beyond burger complete with vegan cheese and aioli, among a few other fantastic options. 


Nationwide Vegan Additions: Although I’m sure we’ve all heard the news by now, Dunkin Donuts recently released the new Beyond sausage sandwich. While the sandwich isn’t totally vegan, taking off the egg and cheese makes for a cheap vegan breakfast to-go. Plus, it’s always great to support a fast-food chain adding something vegan! Beyond that, though (pun intended), vegans can also make sure they aren’t missing out on Thanksgiving with Whole Foods’ “vegan holiday” meals. Find lots of vegan Thanksgiving sides and meals to make sure you can enjoy the holiday just as much as everyone else, without the turkey.

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