Why it’s okay to spend spring break enjoying the little things

By Addie Whitlow, Features Editor–

For many people, spring break is the perfect opportunity to do some mid-semester traveling. The beach was once (and probably still is) the classic spring break spot, but many people are getting more adventurous by going on hiking trips, camping, visiting cities and more. Spring break is the time to spend roughly one week doing whatever you want, and for some people, like myself, that may end up being staying at home and taking it day by day.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I always want to do things over spring break. In my mind, I always have the perfect trip planned out with a few close friends, but as spring break approaches, I do absolutely nothing to plan said trip out. As someone who has never done anything particularly exciting or noteworthy over spring break, I want you to know that if all you did was go home and spend time catching up on the things you enjoy doing, then I feel you.

Spring break is a time to relax, and if school has left you particularly exhausted, then it’s okay to spend the majority of spring break binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix, reading those books you bought months ago, visiting your family and friends, spending time with your pets, etc.

If you’re like me and you live in Chattanooga, then you could spend spring break going on day-long hiking trips, going out to eat with friends or seeing the latest movie that just came out. This city is filled with endless possibilities, and it’s a lot easier to enjoy them when you don’t have class in the morning or don’t have an exam to prepare for. The same could be said if you traveled home over spring break; wherever you go, just make the best of it.

While I definitely plan to get out of Chattanooga for a little while once the semester is over, I’m going to spend spring break doing the simple things I wish I had more time to do when class is in session. Spring break is a time to enjoy yourself and do what you want to do. I will inevitably wish that I had gone somewhere and done something more exciting over spring break once it ends, but for right now, I’m content with my plans to enjoy the small things this week.

So do what you want over spring break. Stay up until 3 a.m. watching Netflix and then get up late the next day and go out for ice cream. Go spend a day in the woods. See a movie. Read a book. Visit your family and friends. As long as it makes you happy, then it’s worth doing.

Ashley Day

Ashley Day


Ashley is a communication major with a minor in psychology. She spends most of her spare time hiking, eating sushi or taking photos. To contact Ashley, email her at jks461@mocs.utc.edu.

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