By Alyssa Martin, Social Media Manager–

As another year of Super Bowl festivities has come and gone, people across the United States are conversing about the game and the half time show, per usual. However, this year, the conversation is a little different.

This year, people have been talking about the two Latina women who performed in front of over 100,000 people, not including those watching from their homes.

These discussions have ranged from whether or not each of the performers were dressed appropriately, how the performance ranks in comparison to previous halftime shows, etc. However, the following question has surfaced most frequently: “Why’s the majority of the halftime show in Spanish when we are in America?”

Now, for some people this question might seem logical, and others may say its ridiculous or stupid; however, I think this question is based in ignorance. 

Firstly, the ignorance lies in the connotation of the name of the country in which we live and watch the Super Bowl. For most Americans, it is easiest to refer to our country as “America,” however, we live in the United States of America. When we generally refer to our country as “America,” we forget about South America and Central America, where the primary language is a variation of Spanish, and North America, which also contains Canada.

So, when saying “America,” it is not clear, or correct, to be speaking of the United States because it could be referring to numerous areas of the world.

The next ignorant portion of this question lies in the confusion of why the majority of the show was in Spanish. Other than the primary performers being proud Latinas, the Super Bowl was hosted at the Hard Rock stadium in Miami, FL this year, where Spanish is taught in schools and used freely.

My biggest frustration with this question lies in the fact that the ignorance around the fact that the United States of America does not have an official national language. 

 A lot of multilingual countries promote an official language, but the United States has never done so with English,” according to CNN.

Although bills have been written, there has yet to be one passed which declares English as the sole language of the United States, despite some states declaring it as primary. 

Most people do assume the national language is English; it is taught from baby years through college years, and any other language someone wishes to learn within our borders is deemed a “foreign language” which indicates “not from this country.” Except, most of the people who speak Spanish in this country have ancestors who were here long before European settlers took the land we comfortably live on today and proudly call “home.”

As proud as I am to live in a country based upon freedom and “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” according to the Declaration of Independence, I am equally disgusted that Americans are shaming others due to the language they choose to speak, the clothes they choose to wear, the color of their skin, in the year 2020.

 As Americans and citizens of the United States of America, I believe we should take it upon ourselves to become more educated and strive for a world and country in harmony, like JLo and Shakira did this past Sunday. 

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  1. Do not agree that we do not have an official language. We do not need a bill to pass either. This country is founded from British colonies, our laws and constitution is in English. To become a citizen of this country you need to learn English. So we do have an official language

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