By Justin Metcalf, Assistant News Editor–

The season two finale of Netflix’s “You” completely subverted my ideas about the predator-victim dynamic that sets the foundation of the series. The episode, titled “Love Actually,” offered major plot twists, more murder, and a cliffhanger that will surely lead to the pathological lying and serial murders we all love to watch in season 3. 

I have conflicting feelings about most of the characters in this show, but the sibling duo of Ellie, played by Jenna Ortega, and Deliliah, played by Carmela Zumbado, struck a chord with me. When Joe, the story’s main character played by Penn Badgley, discovered Delilah with her throat slit inside his “human aquarium” after a night of tripping acid, I was ready to stop watching. But then, I thought about 15-year-old Ellie’s fate now that her primary caretaker was dead. I thought Joe’s girlfriend Love, played by Victoria Pedretti, could look after her, and they could take down the serial killer who ruined both of their lives. I was deeply, painfully wrong to assume “You” would present such a fairytale ending.  

In this season finale, Love is not another manipulated victim like Beck from season one. She is actually just as manipulative and murderous as Joe, who she now has locked inside of his own glass cage in the storage unit. The role reversal of this situation is not what I expected, but I think the creators of “You” wanted to further complicate the audiences’ attachments to their favorite characters. I never cared for Love’s character, and what follows solidified my negative feelings towards both her and Joe. 

Love conducted her own stalking of Joe just as he did with her. She knew about his storage room cage, which for some reason was also her favorite place to snuggle up and read Beck’s book. After following Joe around the night of his acid trip, she discovers handcuffed Delilah locked inside the cage. Instead of helping her escape, she decides to slit her throat to “protect” Joe from being exposed as a serial killer. Love also stabs Candice, Joe’s ex who is seeking to expose his true identity, in the throat with a broken bottle. Candice was truly the last hope for any of this to turn out okay for Ellie or Love’s drug addict brother Forty, who is now discovering the truth about Joe. 

Unfortunately, Forty is shot dead by Officer Vasquez when he walks in on him pointing a gun to Joe’s head. Joe tells Ellie the semi-truth about his sister, and he tells her to run away and start a new life with cash provided by Love’s rich family. With no other option, Ellie complies, but I have a feeling this is not the last of her. 

Love confesses to Joe that she’s pregnant with their child so he won’t hurt her when she releases him from the cage. I am worried about that child’s future, but Love and Joe seem to think everything is fine because they move into a suburban family home together to start a new life. The episode ends with Joe creepily peering through the fence at his new next door neighbor, or should I say, victim. This season left me feeling hurt, angry and disappointed, yet I still cannot wait for season 3. 

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