Despite the rainy Thursday threatening to overtake UTC’s campus, Homecoming Week Field Day was still in full swing. 

Amid all the other UTC homecoming events, the Office of Student and Family Engagement partnered with the Department of Health and Human Performance to put on a field day. 

While the event was originally scheduled to take place on Chamberlain field, the Chattanooga weather forced the events indoors to the Chattanooga Rooms inside the UC. 

That didn’t stop students from being able to come in and enjoy fun activities like cornhole, giant jenga, ladder golf, spikeball, giant checkers, and more. 

Luckily, a lot of the activities scheduled were easy to move indoors. 

Music pumped through the speakers as students gathered around the different games, happily taking breaks from studying. 

Senior Tiffany Haggard chose to come when she saw the event table set up in the UC. 

“It just looked like a lot of fun,” said Haggard, “My favorite part was the jenga game.” 

Haggard is an Integrated Studies major studying exercise science and physical education so she understands the importance of physical activity. 

“When I’m active, I just feel better,” said Haggard, “I’m glad I go to a school that makes that a priority and plans events like this.” 

Karissa Peyer, an Assistant Professor with the Department of Health and Human Performance helped organize the event and put it all together. 

“We just wanted to see students move,” said Peyer as she tossed a cornhole bag, “It also has a social aspect. It’s important to do these fun things with others.” 

In fact, many students gathered together in the Chattanooga rooms, socializing and meeting new people over fun field games. 

Amid the homecoming events that are happening all over campus, this field day was a good opportunity to get students involved and moving. 

Another goal of the event was to bring back a bit of childhood. With double dutch and a rainbow parachute laid out amid the activities, Peyer said, “We wanted to bring back the feel of an elementary school field day.” 

October is also Exercise is Medicine on Campus month and the Department of Health and Human Performance saw a perfect opportunity to kindle the Mocs spirit into exercise.  

“Exercise doesn’t have to be training for a marathon,” said Peyer, “Sometimes it can be getting up and playing double dutch on a rainy day.” 

With the help of this rainy-day Field Day, students were able to take a break from school, hang out with friends, and leave feeling refreshed.


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