With everything slowly getting back to a semblance of normality, many events that were postponed in 2020 are finally reopening in 2021, including concerts. 

A lot of the concerts and music festivals that were postponed last year are now rescheduled for the coming year and UTC students are excited to get back.

“I’m so ready to go back to a concert,” noted Molly Medling, an accounting major at UTC. In October, Meddling plans to attend a Harry Styles concert in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena and says all she can feel is excitement. 

The original concert was scheduled for 2020 but was postponed due to Covid. 

Even though for this particular concert there had to be proof of vaccination or a negative covid test, Medling noted that she wasn’t worried about the threat of Covid. 

“I’ve taken a lot of precautions to protect myself,” noted Medling, who said she’s been fully vaccinated. “Ultimately, it’s everyone's personal choice whether or not they attend.” 

The first two concerts in Harry Styles's Fine Line tour have gone smoothly so Medling is hopeful that the one in October won’t be cancelled or postponed like last year. 

Similarly, there are several places in Chattanooga that are finally reopening their doors after a long absence. The Venue Chattanooga, The Signal, Tivoli Theatre, and Songbirds are among those places in Hamilton Country that are looking forward to upcoming concerts and events. 

Songbirds, for example, has used the time since Covid to shut down completely and renovate the Songbirds space. Coming Fall 2021, the new Songbirds will feature hands-on STEM stations, Chattanooga music history, and rotating exhibits featuring music stories.

In exchange for the guitar museum that is usually there, the new Songbirds will have interactive learning stations that can bring a deeper sense of knowledge to the music industry. 

“I’m extremely excited about all the music events coming back to Chattanooga,” said Gillian Hall, a junior Education major at UTC. 

“I wasn’t able to go to the Moon River Festival last year because it was canceled, but I’m excited to go this year,” said Hall. 

As far as Covid goes, Hall hopes that the concerts will soon return in force as the year continues and more things open back up. 

“Live music brings people together,” said Hall, “You bond with complete strangers over a mutual love of music and I think after the year we’ve had, humanity needs that.” 

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