By Madison Van Horn, Staff Writer —

One student is combining his passions for music and broadcast to create a podcast using the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s new state-of-the-art PodLab.

After noticing a lack of performance opportunities for local musicians, Patrick Redden, a senior Communication major at UTC, decided to create his own podcast to provide a space for performers to showcase and speak about their work. 

“Growing up, my dad was a musician and he played live music with his band,” Redden said. “I remember going to his shows and it was awesome, but most of the venues that he played at closed down. There are not many places that you can see live music right now, but I know there are a lot of artists that want to get out there. I’m starting this podcast as a space for them.”

Redden’s upcoming podcast is called “The Chatterbox” and will be structured as a local late-night show. Redden said that The Chatterbox is still a work-in-progress but that his experience in broadcast and his musical background have inspired him to persist. 

“I wanted to put together my love of music and the arts along with my broadcasting interest to find a platform for different local artists to come together and have a place to display their works,” Redden said. “I have a lot of experience in the Communications department and broadcasting, but I wanted to create something that I really enjoy.”

As Redden continues to work on The Chatterbox, he is learning what it takes to make a successful podcast. He has already enlisted the help of Mark Drinkard, a fellow Communication major at UTC, but he hopes to add more people to The Chatterbox team. 

While typical podcasts only have audio recordings available, The Chatterbox will also incorporate video recordings on their YouTube channel, to make viewers feel like they are watching a late-night show. According to Redden, UTC’s recording equipment will be used to film video and record audio for The Chatterbox.

“I am financing this on my own, so the more resources that I can use from UTC, the better,” Redden said. 

One tool available to Redden and other students is UTC’s new PodLab. Professor Will Davis teaches Podcasting at UTC and he said that he created the PodLab for his students. 

“The PodLab is a resource for students to become the next generation of professional podcasters,” Davis said. “For now, the PodLab is for students who are currently taking my classes and students who have already taken my classes and are working on directed projects. We have great resources and facilities on campus for all students, staff, and faculty working on audio projects, but the focus of the PodLab is different because it’s a very targeted resource. In the PodLab, students are mentored while they develop and realize their podcasting goals. This is a process that takes time.”

Redden took Davis’ Podcasting course last year and Davis said that he is happy to see his former student pursuing podcasting outside of the classroom. 

“Patrick Redden excelled in my podcasting classes and I’m happy to learn that he wants to pursue podcasting professionally,” Davis said. “I’m looking forward to helping him with his podcast.”

Redden said that he is excited about this new opportunity and grateful for the resources that UTC has available.

“I thought that the podcast would just be a cool idea, but now that I have so many opportunities and different equipment available to me, it’s starting to manifest itself into something that could really happen.”

Listeners can expect the first episode of The Chatterbox to be available on YouTube by next month, featuring live music and special guests.

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