Students Dealing With Housing Issues Cope With Faulty Apartments

The bridges on the Boling floors seem to show signs of mold and general wear. Sunday, October 3, 2021.

Residents in several of UTC's older dorms have been dealing with various housing issues since the semester began. 

During welcome week, the air conditioning unit stopped working in certain areas of the university's Johnson Obear Apartments. This left multiple students in the sticky August heat.

Sophomore Tre Jones said he was still struggling after being given a fan for his living room. 

“Man, when I tell you it was one thousand degrees; my posters were basically sweating off the walls,” he said. “You would think 'just open the door and let the breeze in,' but I wasn’t lucky enough to get a balcony, and even if I did— what would warm wind do? It was like eighty-five degrees.”

Sophomore Ella Crawford invested in lamps and LED lights due to her dorm's horror-like lights flickering.

“It’s like I got free strobe lights,” she said. “In reality, it does really suck. It’s basically impossible to do anything late at night with the lights on; lucky I'm not epileptic.”

Johnson Obear Apartments had other issues besides heat and lighting. Mold has been a recurring problem with students across multiple residents' housing.

“Last semester me and my roomies were in JO and we had all the mold on our ceilings,” said Junior DJ Zayed. “We had to have the maintenance guys come, I think about three times to get rid of it all.”

This is not the first mention of mold. Makiya Gentry went to visit a friend in Boling and complained of a smell.

“It was like a musty earthy smell," she said. "I couldn’t see it, not on the walls or anything, but it was lingering around. 'Maybe they painted over it' was my first thought. I don’t know, super gross though.” 

Maintenance has been busy with requests, so some students discussed their problems lasted for nearly three weeks. They are still encouraged to request for maintenance to solve these issues. 

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