“The Price is Right” wins the prize as the longest-running game show in history with five episodes a week every week since 1972, according to CBS. 

Last Tuesday, Oct. 19, the show came to Chattanooga’s Tivoli Theatre. 

“The Price is Right Live” is a touring show hosted by various guest hosts.

The show’s website even says that show attendees will have “the chance to win a share of more than $12 million in cash” along with other prizes. 

Nicki Wilkinson, executive director of the Tivoli Theatre Foundation, said the show sold very well and that it is one of the first of its kind to grace the Tivoli’s stage.

“The Price is Right is pretty unique in terms of touring game show events,” she said. “We often host shows with a lot of interactivity between the event and the audience, from comedians to cooking shows to all sorts of genres of events.”

Tuesday night’s show was hosted by Mark L. Walberg, known for appearances in Temptation Island, Moment of Truth, and Antiques Roadshow.  

Junior Katie Taylor attended The Price is Right on Tuesday night, which she said was a nice way for her to catch a break from studying and schoolwork.

Taylor said she has been a fan of the show for a while.

“I have spent many mornings sitting on the couch watching the show with my parents and grandparents,” said Taylor. 

There were five classic games played on Tuesday night: Plinko, Cliff Hangers, Check-Out, Punch a Bunch, and Clock Game. Taylor said that much of the audience was excited to see Plinko and Cliff Hangers.

Taylor said the audience was diverse. She added that “some people grew up watching Bob Barker as the host and others grew up watching Drew Carey.”

Live game shows are a staple in many households, with nightly airings of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and The Price is Right. 

Although Tuesday night’s show will not be one that airs on television, the touring show allows plenty of audience interaction, something that many have been missing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Wilkinson extended gratitude to the community in Chattanooga and UTC for the support of the Tivoli Foundation. Its upcoming shows are part of the Broadway season with Waitress on Oct. 25.  

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