Regardless of the frigid 30° weather, over twenty UTC students sold their artwork with warm smiles under Chamberlain Pavilion. Music played in the background while different faces pointed to their hard work. Pressed flower necklaces, animated artwork, crochet hats, and much more decorated the tables.

Under their jackets, beanies, and blankets these students radiated optimism as we all experienced this new event together. They sold rings, painted mirrors, and stickers that had profanities printed in hot pink letters. Freshmen Kit Gresham and Kailey Agoo who sold their own artwork in the market talked about their excitement and thoughts.

“This is our first time really being out with a group of people to sell things,” Gresham said, “So, I think we were super excited to have people be interested in our work.”

“It’s really nice to meet everybody and have them appreciate your art,” Agoo added.

The art market has been in the works for a short while. Last semester posters were placed around campus in search of students, any student, who would be interested in selling their work. Twenty-five students signed up for the market and after the great turnout, those involved hope it will become a yearly tradition.

“This is the first UTC art market and we have been planning it since the school year started,” Agoo said. “Hopefully we can do it every year.”

The art market was an idea brought up by students Anna Huss and Tayla Grisham after a lesson they were taught in an art foundations class. Huss and Grisham brought an art market to UTC’s campus to create opportunities. Students made soda-top belts and hand painted posters whilst all their profits went to themselves. Grishman explained she hopes the money will help these artists create a name for themselves.

“If you’re an artist trying to make a living on your work, it’s hard to find a starting point,” Grisham said. “It’s difficult to have your voice heard online and most public art markets take artists’ experience in marketing, so we wanted to give these students a starting point.”

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