Spring break has long been highlighted in media and the film industry as the epitome of the college experience, as portrayals often emphasize college students embarking on a rite of passage-like week full of mistakes, usually occurring somewhere on a beach sprawling with spring breakers.

Although these dramatic and often far-fetched Hollywood depictions may hold true for some students, many avoid the stereotype and any expectations linked with it, as comparing one’s real life to that of a movie plot is bound to lead to disappointment. 

In an effort to free yourself from these high hopes, it’s important to come back to earth and see what your peers are doing. However, this shouldn’t be done in comparison but to realize that any plans, or even a lack thereof, can create a memorable spring break.

Junior Aerial Brown plans to do quite a few activities on her week off, as she hopes to relax at her home here in Chattanooga and go on a few day trips to one of her favorite cities.  

I am looking forward to catching up on some sleep, as well as some of my favorite anime, and I want to spend time with my siblings and cook for them,” Brown said. “I’ll also be in Atlanta over the break where I will most likely go shopping at Ponce City Market in Midtown. I also want to have Korean bbq, visit a few viral cafes I’ve seen on Instagram with my friends, and thrift, of course.”

Senior Hannah McKenley has been planning to go to Washington D.C. for months, as she set her sights on this destination last October after deciding she needed to see the nation’s capital at least once.

“My grandmother and I are going to tour the capitol building, visit the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian Museum, and various other famous spots in the city,” McKenley said. “We’re also going to hit up some local eateries.”

In order to cut costs for the trip, McKenley stated that rather than flying, she and her grandmother will be driving, and the two plan to do many self-guided tours. 

Junior Jaden Toby’s spring break plans consist of a five-day beach trip to Miami with friends and lots of activities on the itinerary.

“We have talked about doing activities like snorkeling, kayaking, beach volleyball, and overall exploring the area and enjoying the sand and sun,” Toby said.

Toby also explained how she has saved up for the trip and how she plans to save while in Miami.

“I have been saving money from working over winter break because I usually go on a spring break trip. I also have a job on campus now and honestly may go donate plasma beforehand to have a little more,” Toby said. “As for when we are on the trip, I will be eating PB&J’s mostly and maybe going out to a nice dinner once or twice.”

If you’ve yet to make any plans for the upcoming week, it’s not too late, as there’s a plethora of low-maintenance activities one can throw together like inviting friends and family on a day trip to a nearby city or spending some time at a park to welcome the season.

You could also do that thing you’ve been meaning to do and just haven’t had the time for, whether that be organizing your closet or finally marking something off your bucket list. Learning a new hobby or skill could also be a good route to keep your mind active and avoid being brain-dead after the week is over.

If you are looking for fun things to do over break, try learning a new language by watching a tv show of another culture,” Brown said. “I have learned both Korean and Spanish that way.”

Junior Hannah Gray plans on going home to take some much-needed time to herself while still working, volunteering, and catching up with loved ones.

“I would tell students to spend time with family, plan an activity they enjoy with friends, and relax over the break,” Gray said.

Whether you end up having a more mellow break or one comparable to that of a Hollywood blockbuster, don’t forget to savor your time and do as little as possible, as the week will be over before you know it. 

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