By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor-

The Center for Student and Family Engagement hosted a Q&A with actress, singer, and media star Keke Palmer.

The University allowed for community members to join the event which allowed for the session to successfully gain 100 attendees. 

Host Victoria Tuner came up with a vast majority of questions for Palmer to answer. Towards the end of the event, the floor was open for live questions from the audience.

There was not a focus for the event but for attendees to get to know Palmer and her experiences within the entertainment business. 

Coordinator for Student and Family Engagement, Taylor Asgard explained why Palmer was chosen for the event.

“I think Keke inspires people because of the longevity of her career, her identities, and the breadth of her projects. Keke started out as a child star that many students watched, and she is someone who our students grew up alongside,” Asgard said. “Keke has a positive attitude that she can accomplish her dreams and continue to grow, and I think this is something that resonates with many of our students.”

Palmer shared a lot of advice for the students of UTC on how she has made her success and what she had to do to accomplish her goals.

Event Manager and senior Victoria Turner told what she had in mind when planning the Q&A. 

“My goal when choosing a celebrity for the event was to choose someone who would be well received by all kinds of students on campus. I also have a personal goal of choosing someone who would appeal to the interest of our black and non-black POC student population,” Turner said. “I believe that both these goals were achieved with this event. Keke has such a welcoming presence and is a true renaissance woman.”

Palmer was very open and receptive to all questions given and was very insightful. Participants were very pleased with how open and honest Palmer was while answering questions. 

UTC has done other Q&As with Disney alum. Link to actress KayCee Stroh’s Q&A here.

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