By Thea Marshall, Staff Writer-

After the halt of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines on campus earlier this week, many questions and concerns about all COVID vaccines are surfacing.

UC Foundation Professor and Director for the School of Nursing, Dr. Chris Smith, says all experts know so far is that there is blood clotting in a large range of women. 

“They are looking into it, we aren’t sure why these women are experiencing blood clots in different parts of their body,” Smith said. “It’s not like all these women are young and on oral contraceptives or they smoke, which are huge risk factors for clotting, it is a wide range of women.”  

Some students out of the 445 Johnson & Johnson vaccines administered on campus are also dealing with the harsh symptoms. 

UTC student, Jenna Yates, said the vaccine took a toll on her body. She said she experienced nausea, chills, body aches, headaches, and a fever that lasted for five days after the vaccine. 

“I blacked out for ten minutes after the shot,” Yates said. “I had a horrible experience but I guess my body just took it really hard.” 

Many are now curious how the Moderna vaccine will compare to the Johnson & Johnson. UTC’s Routine Testing Coordinator, Anna Smartt, says as far as side effects go, you can expect similar side effects between the two vaccines.

“Not everyone has side effects, and it is important to remember that everyone reacts differently to each vaccine,” Smartt said. 

Smartt says it is unclear when the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will continue to be administered. For more information on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine shut down visit here.

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