Will Stuart shows his proposal for mapping urban development using satellites. Wednesday, April 13, 2022


The Office for Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor (URaCE) hosted UTC Research dialogues for undergraduate and graduate students alike. 

The ReSearch Dialogues Conference Program took place on April 12 for undergraduate students and April 13 for graduate students. 

Each program started at 9am and lasted until 5:30pm, featuring different categories of research for the students themselves. Starting with poster sessions, panel discussions, oral presentation sessions and performances spread throughout both days. 

Topics included from undergraduates consisted of: “Perceptions of Police Interactions and Race”, “Global Voices in Modern Pandemic”, “Financial Hardship and Academic Performance and Financial Planning” and “Financial Stress in College Students”.

Along with graduate student’s presentations featuring topics such as, ``A Comparative Study of Network Intrusion Detection Using Classical Machine Learning Methods and Deep Neural Networks", “The Connection Between Sleep and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome”. 

The program's success and submissions were larger than previous years due to COVID-19. Director Lisa Piazza spoke to mocs news on the success, 

“It’s not necessarily that the projects are different, but it might be that, during COVID, there was a pause, and now a lot of folks are able to jump back into research. One difference may be that there are more projects in social sciences and other subjects that need person-to-person research. The pandemic slammed the door on those.”

Undergraduate and graduate students were able to continue their projects and get the peer interaction needed for the research. 

Piazza continued in explaining the setback in each student’s research from the pandemic itself, 

“Obviously that was a huge barrier. The researchers couldn’t get out and talk to them to do the focus groups, the usual thing that you would do as part of your research,” she said, “but the flip side of that is that there’s been a lot of creativity and innovation.”

The ReSearch Dialogues had a huge success in the event and feedback from participants themselves.  

For more information on the ReSearch Dialogues program itself, please follow the link provided here. 

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