Samplize, a local paint store, laid off 40 employees in August, around half of which were UTC students. 

According to Taylor Thomas, CEO of the company, the decision to lay off employees was made to balance the offset of rising advertisement costs, lower demand and sales, and paint shortages. 

“The size of our team was meant for the sales volume we had projected back in February, and we could no longer afford to keep that size with the actual revenue coming in,” Thomas said. “A couple of recent payrolls overdrafted our bank account, and I even took a loan from a family member to cover them.”

He continued, “The mass layoff was not a decision. No one in management wanted that. I didn’t want that. We simply reached the end of our rope.” 

Andy Coyne, a UTC senior and current employee at Samplize explained the layoffs.

“Employees were laid off because of a combination of money-related issues,” Coyne said. “For example, there have been many issues with the supply chain for the materials we need. Our only options were insanely expensive and terrible quality compared to that of our usual suppliers.” 

Coyne defended Samplize’s decision to let go of its employees, citing no other problematic management in the past.

“Samplize has never been a company to screw over its employees. Even when we hardly had any materials and got sent home for working less than two hours, we were still paid for the whole seven-hour shift.” 

According to Coyne, about 20 UTC students were laid off. However, management is currently working to make changes and bring things back to normal by the end of August. 

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