UTC senior Samantha Wiseman tries free Freshens’ smoothie samples in Lupton Hall. Stephanie West and Hannah Gringsby with Mocs Dining provided samples for the Smoothie Smackdown, a student-lead vote of the best smoothie, and the winning smoothie for the week was Tropical Therapy. Thursday, October 1, 2020. (Photo by Olivia Ross)

Photo by Olivia Ross

By Lorena Grajales, News Editor-

During the school week of Sept. 28, Mocs Dining hosted the first ever “Smoothie Smackdown,” a competition of a variety of fifteen smoothies, to find which would be students’ favorite.

The idea came from a whiteboard in the Student IT Center in Lupton Hall, that asked which Freshens smoothie was people’s favorite.

This led to the week-long competition outside UTC’s new restaurant, Freshens, where faculty, staff and students were offered three to four flavors and then voted on their favorite one. A chart was displayed for students to see which flavors were in the lead as the days went by.

To spread the wordabout this event, Mocs Dining set up posters, sent emails to campus and posted about it on their social media platforms, before and throughout the week.

According to Mocs Dining Marketing Coordinator, Hannah Grigsby, sampling of all the smoothies available on the menu and spacing them out throughout the week was the best way to get student opinions.

“Because Freshens is new this semester, we wanted people to get the chance to try out as many smoothie flavors as possible,” she said.

On Friday, Oct. 2, the top four smoothies were sampled at the stand, and the winner was announced on their social media pages and at Freshens. “Tropical Therapy” was featured on Monday, Oct. 3 with a 50% discount.

According to Grigsby, the smackdown received positive feedback and excitement from students. UTC Freshman, Camille Luttrell shared her thoughts on the competition.

“I think that it’s a great way to let everyone try the flavors, you know, just have a free little snack. And the winner gets a discount, so I think that’s a great thing to have going on.” Luttrell said. “We really enjoyed the competition this week…”

Mocs Dining provides samples at different locations all throughout campus and are potentially open to bringing a second smackdown to UTC this semester.

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