Bomb threat

A campus police cruiser sits parked. Wednesday, January 19, 2022.

Even without a constant threat of dangerous situations on-campus, it is still important to be informed about resources available for different emergencies. 

Robie Robinson, the Assistant Vice-Chancellor of the Emergency Services, shared some advice and knowledge when it comes to issues like bomb threats. 

“If we do receive something like that, we take it very seriously. We do have a mechanism by which we can notify people on campus,” Robinson said. “We do have a mechanism by which we can verify whether we think there’s any legitimacy to it or not. Our primary concern, as you would expect and as it should be, is the safety and welfare of people on-campus,” Robinson said. 

Robinson further explained that there have not been any university bomb threats recently, but that is a good thing. If there were to be a threat, there are plans in place to try and handle these situations. 

When in these situations, the emergency team and their partners take it seriously and follow the procedure to try and ensure safety. 

Robinson stressed the importance of their partners in the community, such as UTC Police Department and Chattanooga Police Department, when trying to handle dangerous events. 

“We have an ongoing awareness and communication about what’s going on and around us, which plays a role in evaluating things like that,” Robinson said. 

As far as student concerns, there have not been many recently, but the staff tries to make students and faculty informed. 

“When you have stressful things that are happening, whatever it may be, you see opportunities for people to have conversations and talk about it because I think it’s good to be able to do that,” Robinson said. 

There are also different resources available to stay informed about possible dangers on-campus. The Emergency Services website is a good resource that has some important information and advice. 

Robinson also stressed the importance of everyone signing up for the UTC Alert system. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get information to people on-campus;  it not only helps with bomb threats but with everything. 

There are different ways to communicate this information, such as beacons, UTC Alert, and broadcasting messages onto computer screens on-campus. Robinson shared that not one system is perfect, so they need to have multiple. 

“No single way is going to be 100%. I can’t guarantee, but if I can get 75% this way and 75% this way and 75% this way, then we’ve more than reached everybody, so that’s the biggest thing,” Robinson said. “Make sure that you’re aware of that; make sure that you’re registered.”

Students can find the website at the link below to find more information.



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