Cassandra Castillo, Asst. Features Editor–

Schools across the country celebrated Dr. Seuss Day just days after six of his books were taken down or relocated from bookshelves everywhere. Dr. Seuss Enterprises made the right decision to stop publishing the books due to racist imagery. I appreciate the company’s decision in making the statement now rather than later, but it should have been done a long time ago. 

My 5-year-old brother came home sporting a ‘Thing 2’ paper hat on Dr. Seuss Day, excited to read more Dr. Seuss books and luckily, those six were taken down just in time. In his early reading years, I would like for him to read books that celebrate people’s differences instead of confining them to racial stereotypes. 

Children are exposed to ignorant illustrations or words and see nothing wrong. In a New York Times article, Charles Blow went into depth about how racism is in the air. He said that it especially happens for children in the most inconspicuous of ways. 

For parents who want to discuss this issue with their children, the books will still be available. Locally, the Chattanooga Library made the decision to relocate the books from the children shelves into the non-fiction young adult section for that purpose. 

Walking through Target last Tuesday, I encountered a book called “Eyes That Kiss In The Corners” and after skimming through it I realized why it is best selling. It is a great example of the kind of books we need. This book, especially now, teaches children to value their culture and the way they look. 

Although many disagree that stopping publication for the Dr. Seuss books was the right decision, it was entirely justified and it should not be an argument we should be having; therefore, I fully encourage any future authors to write the kind of books you would like to see on Target bookshelves in the near future. Specifically those that emphasize appreciation for others.

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