During my time within university, I have found that most students from smaller towns do not always get the same opportunities. 


Throughout my college experience, I have met numerous people from all over. In this time, I have felt there were less people present from rural areas. This brought me to look at the resources available to smaller towns. These school systems are not offered the same activities or curriculums as others.


With this, I feel that students from more rural areas are not getting the experience they need to advance to a university. This brings me to the reality of the differences within the education system. 


How are students expected to succeed within universities if their school does not have the required materials to teach them? This drives my focus to how students are regressed back in society without having these materials. 

State education requirements need to centralize their focus on areas where students in rural regions need more help than they are given. 


This will give students and community members the initiative to further engage with their education at universities. Without this engagement, the communities will not be built up to their full potential. 


Having a strong source of education will help smaller towns build their communities. As the communities build, this will bring more people to the area, thus giving them more opportunities. 


Within the ongoing cycle of education, bringing more opportunities to rural areas will benefit each region that takes the initiative. To accommodate these areas and resources, higher education needs to branch out to communities with students most in need. 

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