I understand that certain precautions had to be taken to keep professors and students safe during the pandemic. Courses were taught online, both asynchronously and on Zoom. It was a necessary adjustment we all needed to make to detour this virus as much as possible. 

The country as a whole was not very successful in curbing the spread of Covid, so we—the students of this wonderful university—had to continue learning through the computer. Unfortunately, this reality meant that unless a professor was absolutely exceptional at constructing their online format, I didn’t learn a thing. 

Classes were way too easy. I didn’t need to apply myself, or even study, in order to squeeze by with an A. Professors were trying their best, but their efforts were not enough. This was excusable, I think, during the beginning of the pandemic when professors were unsure of how to better structure online learning. 

However, since we have gone through this thing for over a year and a half now, the excuses for underwhelming online courses are behind us. I am ready to learn, study, work on projects, complete research, and write papers. I am ready for my professors to challenge me and care as much about my education as I do. 

Most do a fabulous job. I feel as though many are as eager as I to resume normal instruction and thrive in the classroom. Those few that realized they didn’t have to put forth as much effort as they once did to complete their tasks, though, are detrimental to the students. I have experienced too many academics who are comfortable with the absolute bare minimum, and it is no longer acceptable. 

I recently had an interview with Brett Fuchs, dean and director of many things here at UTC, and he explained that many professors are burned out by the pandemic and cheating students. 

I understand. Students can suck. Some will say whatever they can in order to get a decent grade. 

For those of us who care, who don’t lie, who put in the time-- we deserve effort from our instructors. We deserve to learn from the professionals hired to teach us. 

Administration, please listen to your students. We write our course evaluations. We file complaints. We tell you who is falling behind, and we deserve to be heard.

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