Nashville School Shooting

A man and young boy carrying several plush toys leave the funeral service held for The Covenant School shooting victim Evelyn Dieckhaus at the Woodmont Christian Church Friday, March 31, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn. The toys were donated by an anonymous donor for all the children in attendance. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

Three children and three adults were shot and killed during a school shooting at Covenant Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee.

Six more innocent people were lost to senseless gun violence. How many people have to die before we do something about this? How many children have to die before we start protecting them?

They deserve to be protected.

I’m tired of writing about gun violence.

And that’s not me insinuating that we should stop covering gun violence. That’s me saying I’m tired of watching children die and seeing nothing done about it.

I’ve written about the tragedy in Uvalde. I’ve covered the Parkland shooter trial. And here I am writing about yet another instance of innocent children dying at the hands of gun violence. This has all been in less than a year.

Enough is enough.

It feels like I am screaming into the void, begging someone to listen, begging anyone to do something.

Yet, nothing is ever done. Gun violence has become an epidemic in our nation, spreading rapidly and uncontrollably as our government watches from afar.

As a college student, I am concerned about my safety. But I am more concerned with my fiancé’s safety, my little sister, my younger cousins, my mother and aunt who are middle school teachers, my unborn nephew and my future children.

No child should ever feel unsafe going to school. School is meant to be a safe space, somewhere children can learn and thrive.

My heart goes out to the victims families, and I pray that one day our schools will be safe again. Until that day, I will continue to speak out against gun violence. Our children are worth fighting for.

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