There is no better time of the year than fall. The crisp air, the warm clothes, the cozy nights with good movies and hot drinks. There is absolutely nothing better.


Autumn is a time for nostalgia. Every person has their own heartwarming memory of their childhood. At the right moment, it can be brought into the forefront of their mind where they see nothing but happiness. 


I grew up going to football games to watch my dad coach the local high school team. Now, my brothers play in the fall. Through them, I am reminded of my younger years when I was wrapped in a blanket in the stands with my mom, who handed me a steaming cup of hot chocolate from the thermos while we cheered on the team. 


Every game I go to now, if the right temperature, has a memory-inducing effect on me. I feel an overwhelming sense of the joy I had from those early days in the bleachers. 


Though not everyone may love football as I do, there are other fall traditions that are likely more universal. 


One of my personal favorite pastimes - that I participate in year round, yet feels homier in the fall - is movie-watching. Curling up in bed in my pajamas with a cup of coffee, a deliciously scented candle burning, and my favorite comfort film on the TV are staple steps in the fall season. 


One movie that may not be well-known for some, but is one that will always stay near to my heart, is A Knight’s Tale. My siblings and I grew up on this Heath Ledger film and it is one that I could likely quote its entirety in my sleep. 


When I watch this movie alone in my Chattanooga apartment, I get teary-eyed. These tears come not from the plot, but because I begin to miss my family back home and crave nothing more than to be with them so we could watch together. 


I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of your fall seasons. Enjoy these times. Embrace the nostalgia. 


I urge you all, every time you feel a moment of bliss start to arise, to hold that moment for a little longer. Allow that bliss to wash over you so you, too, may feel like a child once again. 


That is why fall means so much to me. The entire season is full of pockets of joy that are reminiscent of a happy childhood.

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