Coming into Week 2 of SEC football, the general consensus among fans was, “Wow, this will be a breeze.” 

This is because Week 1 gave the teams down south a much more demanding schedule. Despite all odds, the SEC went 12-2 in the Week 1 non-conference games. Only LSU and Vanderbilt fell short -- LSU to UCLA and Vandy to the SoCon ETSU, the biggest shocker of the week. 

It was, however, entertaining.

This stems from the fact that the Commodores only managed to put up three points all game against an FCS opponent who hasn’t beaten a Power-Five school since 1987. What’s even more like Vanderbilt is that it was head coach Clark Lea’s debut at his alma mater. But that’s okay -- Vanderbilt is a baseball school, anyway.

Perhaps the most impressive win in Week 1 was No. 5 Georgia upsetting No. 3 Clemson by a score of 10-3. Of the 14 teams in the SEC, the Bulldogs were the only team who came into Week 1 as the underdog. This win moved UGA to the No. 2 spot.

The Bulldogs displayed, arguably, the best defensive line in the nation. Additionally, although it was only the first game of the season, it was a well-known fact that this is the game to see who will be facing Alabama in the national championship.

Every other game in Week 1 went the way one would expect: The Tide crushed  No. 14 Miami; Auburn destroyed Akron; South Carolina put up 46 against Eastern Illinois while keeping the Panthers at zero and Mississippi State barely slipped past LA Tech.

It was an interesting week but so was Week 2. 

The SEC now has 10 teams who still are undefeated -- with six of these 10 being ranked in the top 25. This time, the most embarrassing loss of the week was the Tennessee Volunteers. Maybe choking is just a Tennessee thing.

The Vols handled Week 2 in typical Tennessee fashion: They boasted about their “stud” new quarterback after a Week 1 victory and then the same guy came into Week 2 and played like it was his first time throwing a football.

To offset this, Arkansas topped No. 15 Texas 40-21, thus, hopefully, showing all of the “Texas to the SEC” fanatics that it just wouldn’t work out in their favor.  Missouri was the only other SEC team to fall in Week 2, however, they at least lost to Kentucky. 

UK’s Chris Rodriquez Jr. rushed for a career-high 207 yards and had three touchdowns. This is the same guy who UTC should fear as they travel to Lexington to face the Wildcats for Week 3.

But that’s not to say Week 3 won’t have fireworks for the SEC -- on the contrary. 

No. 22 Auburn will be traveling to No. 10 Penn State and No. 1 Alabama will be going to Gainesville to take on No. 11 Florida.


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